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Hormone Harmony: Supporting Patients on Their BHRT Journey

As a provider, you have seen various health conditions related to hormonal imbalances¹, and you know that some patients benefit from external sources of hormones in order to achieve their best health outcomes.² Hormone replacement therapy has been around for a long time, but manufacturers in the space have not abandoned efforts to improve hormone options. Alternatively sourced and synthesized hormones have expanded options over the years, but today, you have a newer choice that can further improve the health of your patients: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Bioidentical hormones are manufactured, but they are chemically identical to hormones found naturally in people.³ The chemical identity adds value and consistency to hormone replacement therapies. When BHRT is provided with efficient pellet delivery, you can help patients in ways that simply weren’t viable even a handful of years ago.

BHRT: Natural Treatment Options for Your Patients

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapies are well-established as a means to provide patients with hormone replacements that they need for a variety of health conditions.

Pellecome® produces both BHRT pellets and delivery devices, creating a simplified ecosystem for providers. Pellecome manufactures only bioidentical hormones and not synthetic hormones, guaranteeing that any treatment pellets are chemically identical to natural hormones. This aims to empower providers with alternative treatment options that yield more reliable and harmonious results for their patients.

More Personalized Care

Standard HRT options are limited in their dosage strength, which may not be tailored to your patient’s unique requirements. One of the main benefits of BHRT is that healthcare professionals have the ability to prescribe it at personalized levels tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

Sign Up for Pellecome BHRT Licensing

According to a report by Verified Market Research, the global bioidentical hormones market is projected to reach USD 9.92 billion by 2026.⁴ If your practice prescribes standard hormone replacement therapies, then it’s time to consider more patients seeking BHRT options.

Join the Pellecome family of BHRT healthcare professionals today. Call Pellecome at 888-773-9969 or fill out the online contact form. We’ll be happy to get in touch with you to answer questions and expand your options as a dedicated healthcare provider.

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