Quality Policy

Pellecome is committed to the goal of improving patient well-being by developing and commercializing safe and effective medical products that deliver optimal procedure consistency and health outcomes.

We achieve this goal through the processes of Design Control and Risk Management, and by employing ISO certified vendors and cGMP compounding facilities for our products. All activities for development and commercialization of Pellecome products are executed in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

Pellecome seeks to employ the most current best practices for executing its business processes and continually seeks to improve its products through customer input and risk mitigation. In this way, the company aspires to be recognized as a leader in the markets it serves.

PellecomeFIT is a customized medical treatment program based upon an individual’s metabolic and hormonal needs to support optimal health, recovery, and maximize The Power to Perform®. The goal is to optimize the health and performance of each individual based upon their specific needs in either recovery or enhancement.

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