BHRT Pellet Safety and Quality: Why Provider Selection Matters

At Pellecome®, we take great pride in offering bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)¹ that prioritizes patient convenience and accessibility. When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, many individuals find bio-identical hormones to be a more favorable option compared to synthetic hormones.² It is crucial to find a reliable BHRT provider who can guide you through this process. Our BHRT pellet therapy and convenient delivery system are carefully crafted to prioritize your safety and ensure optimal results.

Why Provider Selection Matters: Quality Hormone Replacement Therapy

At Pellecome, we believe that introducing hormones to the body is a delicate science, and we’re proud to offer some of the highest-quality hormone pellets on the market today. We work closely with qualified healthcare providers who serve individuals seeking hormones that are biologically identical to what’s already in their bodies, allowing them to rest assured that they’re not utilizing foreign substances that may cause a negative reaction.

Choosing a Pellecome Provider Means Patient-Centered Treatment

We get it—patients are often nervous about having any type of device implanted in the skin, and we’ve worked to make our timed-release³ BHRT pellet implants as simple as possible for both you and your doctor. When you choose a Pellecome provider, you can hope for only the most reliable results.

During your quick 15-minute procedure using Pellecome’s BHRT pellets, your doctor will numb the area where the pellet will be inserted, make a tiny incision, insert the pellets, and then cover the area with a bandage. It’s as simple as that.

Where to Find a Pellecome Provider

We understand that you’re looking for the best hormone therapy on the market today, and you need to know that what you’re seeking is conveniently available for you. Pellecome’s provider locator allows patients who are interested in BHRT to find providers near them who offer the type of hormone replacement they’re looking for. Each provider we work with is added to our provider directory, making it easy for you to locate and reach out to a practice that can best meet your needs.

Pellecome: Providing Patients With Top-Quality BHRT Options

At Pellecome, we’re committed to working only with some of the best providers to provide you with the high-quality bio-identical pellets and results that you deserve. If you’re thinking about trying BHRT therapy to improve your well-being, or if you’re ready to make the switch from synthetic hormones to BHRT, reach out to a Pellecome provider today.

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