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Is There a Relationship Between Hormones and Diet?

The foods we eat directly impact every system in our body. When it comes to hormone production and secretion, however, it is not only the type of foods we eat, but also their texture, quantity, and duration1 that affects our bodies.

Hormones work to stimulate or inhibit specific cells by acting on cell-surface receptors, altering activity through intercellular signaling – the mechanism which allows cells to respond to their environment – or via nuclear receptors that help to regulate gene reception. New evidence suggests that the nutrients in food travel similarly through the bloodstream, enabling them to act as signaling molecules that stimulate cell-surface or nuclear receptors in a similar manner2.

What is the Best Diet?

Research is currently being conducted into food with the highest ability to alter signaling pathways, particularly in tissues that are linked to metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) and the many risks it poses2. However, while research is ongoing, there is evidence that simply following a “healthy” diet may assist with hormone regulation.

You may be able to assist your body in regulating hormones by making smart food choices such as:

  • Getting Enough Fiber3
  • Avoiding Refined Carbs and Processed Foods4
  • Significantly Reducing Your Intake of Meat5

Losing excess body weight, committing to a consistent exercise regimen, and maintaining your efforts are also necessary. For many people, these efforts require assistance.

Pellecome Fit®

Pellecome Fit is a customizable weight management and medical treatment program designed to address the patient’s exact needs. Utilizing a powerful combination of peptides, BHRT, and Naltrexone, Pellecome Fit also includes dietary supplements which can be organized into customized protocols to address specific concerns. This helps to ensure maximum support for the most pleasing outcomes.

Some supplements in the Pellecome Fit program are administered orally, but we exclusively provide BHRT pellets for hormone replacement therapy. As a leader in BHRT technology, Pellecome® has crafted an advanced BHRT pellet delivery system that helps ensure patient comfort and reliable and predictable outcomes.

Healthy weight loss often requires a combined approach. Pellecome Fit offers a powerful combination of proven weight management treatments and techniques to help ensure success. If you would like to learn more, please use our provider locater to find a physician who offers our program in your area.

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