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Five Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can refer to too little or too much of one or more hormones. It is a condition common during puberty, but can also result from pregnancy, menopause, or the simple aging process.

Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance are common in both men and women. These include:

  1. Mood changes such as irritability and anxiety
  2. Excessive and chronic fatigue
  3. Inexplicable weight fluctuations
  4. Cognitive and memory problems
  5. Dry skin and rashes

In both males and females, diminished sex drive and decreased muscle mass may also accompany a hormone imbalance, though others, such as erectile dysfunction, are specific to male hormone imbalance, while irregular or heavy periods are specific to female hormonal imbalances.

Regardless of gender, if you suspect you are experiencing issues related to a hormone imbalance, talking to a trained physician is essential for addressing the issue and restoring comfort. But, not all healthcare providers are equipped to diagnose or treat hormone imbalances. Please use our provider locator to find an experienced and qualified doctor in your area.

Treating Hormone Imbalance with BHRT

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is among the safest and most effective ways to treat hormone imbalances in both women and men. However, while several treatment methods exist, including topical ointments and oral medications, pellet therapy is the longest-lasting and most effective option.

BHRT pellet therapy involves the insertion of BHRT pellets into the upper buttock, where they will remain for several months, slowly releasing hormones until they have dissolved completely. A time-tested and reliable treatment option, pellet delivery of hormones helps to ensure consistent results without the need to take pills or apply an ointment every day. This helps to increase comfort and convenience while providing the most predictable and reliable results.

Pellecome® is a leader in BHRT technology. Our Re3®Advanced Pellet Delivery System has been designed specifically for improved provider precision and crafted to reduce patient discomfort and potential issues such as pellet bunching.

The Re3 helps to ensure proper pellet depth with reduced need for anesthesia, decreased risks of infection and bruising, and optimal patient outcomes, but it is only available through our trusted partners. If you are considering hormone replacement therapy or have been referred to a hormone specialist by your primary care provider, use our site to find a doctor in your area and learn how BHRT and our advanced technology can help.

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