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Powerful Combination Therapy for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

A YouGov poll conducted in December of 20221 found that one in five Americans planned to make a New Year’s Resolution in 2023. Of these:

  • 20 percent resolved to improve their physical health
  • 19 percent resolved to exercise more
  • 18 percent resolved to eat better
  • 17 percent resolved to lose weight

This is consistent with a study reported by the National Institutes of Health2, which found that the most common resolutions over a three-year period revolved around physical health, weight loss, and eating habits. That same study found that, at the one-year mark, those with approach-oriented goals were slightly more successful than those with avoidance-oriented goals, sitting at 58.9 percent and 47.1 percent, respectively.

Support for Your Goals

Whether you have resolved to improve your health in 2023 or have already been on this path, having resources and support to reach your goals safely is essential. Fad and yo-yo diets are effective in the short term, but they come with serious health risks.3 What’s more, these methods have proven to be unsustainable, mainly because they fail to account for the individual factors that lead to weight gain in the first place.

Several factors can make losing weight more difficult. These include sleeping habits, what and how much you eat, lack of exercise, general inactivity, and stress.4 Addressing these things collectively may be needed for safe and sustainable weight loss – and PellecomeFIT® does just that.

PellecomeFIT is a customized medical weight loss program based on your individual metabolic and hormonal needs. Utilizing high-quality supplements, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, peptides, and non-habit-forming medications, PellecomeFIT works to improve metabolic function, address issues as diverse as sleep disturbances and stress, enhance gut function, and reduce inflammation and toxic overload.

Depending on your specific needs, the program can be designed to reduce cravings, build muscle, increase fat-burning capabilities, and prevent spikes in blood sugar. A synergistic approach, PellecomeFIT supports safe and sustainable weight management under the guidance of a medical professional, helping to produce ideal body composition while improving both physical and emotional health, working to ensure continuous results long after treatment has been completed.

Pellecome® products are only available through trusted medical partners who have met our high standards of patient care. To locate a provider in your area and learn more about this revolutionary weight loss system, please use our doctor locator or call us at 888-773-9969 today.

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