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How Long do BHRT Pellets Last?

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) pellets may last from three to five months. Women may benefit from treatment every three to four months. Men may benefit from treatment at four to five-month intervals.

Safe and convenient, BHRT pellets reduce the time patients need to receive or even think about their treatment.

Other methods of BHRT and the amount of time they might last include:

  • Tablets and pills. HRT pills are typically taken once or twice a day
  • Skin Patches. Patches delivering HRT need to be removed and replaced every few days
  • Ointments and Gels. Gels and ointments need to be applied every few days, up to four times a week
  • Pessaries and Rings. Inserted into the body, these will need to be removed and replaced every two to three months

BHRT oral medications require the most attention. Ointments, gels, and patches also require frequent thought. Rings and pessaries can produce results for more extended periods, but they are invasive, and self-insertion may result in discomfort.

Pellet delivery remains the least intrusive and most effective of the long-term BHRT options.

Our Revolutionary Pellet Insertion Device

The Re3® Advanced Pellet Delivery System from Pellecome® has been designed for optimal provider comfort and predictable patient outcomes. Complete with an ergonomic insertion tool, the Re3 deposits pellets in a linear retrograde fashion, helping to ensure correct pellet depth and working to protect patient comfort. Risks of pellet bunching are significantly reduced with this delivery method, further enhancing the patient experience.

Pellets inserted with the Re3 system can continue to produce results for several months in both men and women. Depending on factors unique to the patient, it may be necessary to continue treatment for one or more years, with office visits spaced two to six months apart. This will be influenced by the sex of the patient along with the issues being treated and should be personalized for each individual.

Adding BHRT to Your Practice

If you are considering adding BHRT pellets to your practice, please contact us online or call 888-773-9969 to learn more about our advanced pellet delivery system.

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