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Is BHRT Safer Than Traditional Hormone Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy has been used for therapeutic and medical purposes in the United States for more than 75 years. As research into the benefits of hormone replacement therapy has increased, the treatment has continued to gain popularity, leading to significant advancements in the types of hormones available and the methods used to deliver them to patients.

HRT vs. BHRT: What’s the Difference?

There are two methods of producing hormones for therapeutic purposes:

  • Plant Sources. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) utilizes hormones harvested from plants. Chemically identical to hormones produced by the human body, BHRT is a safe and effective option for hormone therapy
  • Animal and Synthetic Sources. Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) utilizes hormones synthesized in a lab or derived from animal sources. Readily absorbed by the body, these also offer a safe and effective option for hormone therapy

Hormone replacement therapy comes with very few risks, particularly when completed under the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider. However, studies reported by the National Institutes of Health suggest that synthetic progestin may increase the risk for breast cancer when taken by itself.

By contrast, progesterone from BHRT has been shown to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. In addition, BHRT minimizes the risk of cardiovascular issues, which, while extremely rare, may occur when taking synthetic or animal-derived hormones.

Different Efficacies

Plant-derived hormones bind entirely to receptor sites within the body, allowing for maximum benefit. However, only around 3/4th of synthetic and animal-derived hormones bind to receptor sites. This helps make BHRT a more reliable and efficacious option for many patients.

HRT is typically administered orally and requires processing by the liver before hormones can be released into the body. Other delivery methods include patches, ointments, and suppositories. These may need to be taken daily for optimal benefit.

BHRT can also be delivered orally or through patches and creams. Additionally, BHRT pellets can be administered directly into the skin, where they slowly release hormones over several months. Pellet insertion has been shown to offer the longest-lasting and most reliable benefits, and is the preferred technique for many healthcare providers.

Our Advanced Pellet Delivery System

The Re3® from Pellecome® is a BHRT pellet delivery system crafted for enhanced provider confidence and optimal patient comfort. Designed to ensure pellets are placed and spaced correctly, our BHRT delivery system helps ensure a consistent and reliable release of hormones that address issues including menopause, bone loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and more. The best way to find out what BHRT may be able to do for you is through a one-on-one consultation with a qualified and experienced healthcare provider.

Please use our site to find a provider in your area and schedule a consultation to learn more about the remarkable benefits offered through BHRT.

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