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Five Reasons to Add BHRT to Your Holistic Practice

BHRT is a safe, natural, and effective treatment for a comprehensive range of physical and emotional conditions. Suitable for both women and men, BHRT can treat the symptoms of menopause, age-related bone loss, sleep disruptions, and complex conditions such as PMDD. In addition, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can improve sexual function, increase lean body mass, address diminished libido, assist with weight management, enhance mental clarity, and more – all without artificial, unnecessary, or harmful ingredients.

Unlike HRT, which may come from animal and synthetic sources, BHRT comes directly from plants. These hormones are similar enough to those produced by the human body to bind directly to hormone receptors, allowing them to provide maximum benefit. Suitable for most medical settings, BHRT can be added to holistic practices overseen by a physician, NP, or another qualified healthcare professional.

Why Add BHRT to Your Holistic Practice?

There are several reasons a patient may ask about BHRT. Five compelling reasons to add this service to your practice include:

  • BHRT is Natural. Derived from plants and structurally identical to the hormones we already produce, BHRT does not contain anything synthetic
  • BHRT is Effective. According to studies, BHRT is more effective than HRT at treating the symptoms of menopause
  • BHRT is Safe. Risks for complications with BHRT are incredibly low. In addition, no severe or long-term complications are related to this treatment
  • BHRT is Versatile. Bio-identical hormones can treat a comprehensive range of physical and mental conditions affecting women and men, including hot flashes, night sweats, low sex drive, and bone and muscle loss. BHRT also reduces risks for the development of breast cancer
  • BHRT is Predictable. BHRT is customized to address the specific concerns of the individual. With new delivery options, outcomes from BHRT are predictable, allowing you to gauge patient results more effectively

Pellecome® is a leader in the field of hormone balance. We are dedicated to creating the most advanced BHRT products and services on the market. From our BHRT pellets to our scientifically-backed supplements and medications, our products can help your practice expand its offerings and better meet patient needs.

To learn more about adding our products, including our revolutionary Re3® Advanced Pellet Delivery System, to your holistic practice, please call 888-773-9969 today.

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