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Possible Complications from BHRT Pellet Bunching

Pellet delivery is a time-tested, safe, and efficacious way to administer BHRT. In use for more the four decades, this method of BHRT delivery helps to ensure a consistent release of hormones, allowing for reliable and continuous results.

Unlike pills, creams, and patches, BHRT pellets do not require a daily routine. Inserted every three to four months, pellets offer incredible reliability, helping to address issues as diverse as foggy brain and stress, to weight gain and chronic fatigue.

Pellet Bunching is Rare

BHRT pellets are typically inserted into the upper buttocks. The insertion method and technology used will play a role in patient comfort and outcomes. While rare, issues such as pellet bunching are possible. Utilizing advanced technology and insertion methods helps to protect patient safety and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Pellet bunching occurs during insertion. This can result in lumps underneath the skin along with swelling and general discomfort. Pellet bunching and overlap may not impact the release of hormones, but can impact patient satisfaction, making it something worth considering when selecting a pellet delivery system for your practice.

About the Pellecome Re Advanced Pellet Delivery System

The Pellecome Re3Advanced Pellet Delivery System has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of pellet bunching.

Our advanced BHRT delivery system uses an ergonomically designed insertion tool to deposit pellets in a linear retrograde pattern. Crafted to improve physician control, our system helps to:

  • Reduce the risk of bunching and overlap
  • Improve patient comfort and outcomes
  • Eliminate the need for sutures

The Re3 Advanced Pellet Delivery System has been designed to reduce all risks associated with BHRT pellet insertion, including the risks of pain and extrusion, both of which can be a result of improper pellet delivery.

A leader in innovative BHRT technology, Pellecome remains committed to improving the experience of providers and patients alike. If you have considered adding BHRT to your practice or would like to upgrade your current system, give us a call at 888-773-9969 to learn more about the Re3 Advanced Pellet Delivery System and the many benefits it can offer to you and your patients.

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