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Does BHRT Work Immediately?

The amount of time it takes for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to work depends on factors including the delivery method, the specific issues being addressed, and the combination of hormones used. BHRT is individualized to meet the patient’s needs. Symptom relief may begin within seven to ten days. However, most patients report noticeable changes within three weeks. As treatment progresses, symptoms will continue to improve.

Delivery Methods Matter

Standard BHRT delivery methods include pills and topical products such as patches, gels, and ointments. These methods are readily available, but their efficacy may be limited. Pills, for example, must first pass through the digestive system before being absorbed by the body. This can reduce strength and result in less predictable outcomes.

With topical BHRT, location and the amount of medication applied play a role in results. The body absorbs some topical treatments for slow release, which can help improve outcomes. However, frequent reapplication may be needed for optimal results.

Pellet Therapy

Pellet delivery of BHRT offers fast, reliable, and consistent results. With this method, small BHRT pellets are inserted into subcutaneous tissue in the upper buttock. Once implanted, BHRT pellets slowly release hormones into the body over several months, helping to ensure continuous and reliable results.

Depending on factors unique to each individual, additional treatments may be needed every three to four months until symptoms have improved sufficiently.

The Re3® Advanced Pellet Delivery System from Pellecome® offers several benefits to patients and providers alike. With an ergonomically contoured handpiece for ease of control, our system has been designed explicitly for peak patient satisfaction and crafted to reduce the risks of pellet bunching. What’s more, our patented, single-use pellet delivery system comes in a sterile tray with a Tyvek® lid, helping to eliminate the already rare risk of infection, and working to ensure the best possible results.

Find a Provider

At Pellecome, we are entirely devoted to helping patients live their best lives with safe and effective BHRT and supplemental support. If you are struggling with issues related to hormone deficiencies, such as sleep disturbances, muscle loss, mood swings, and sexual dysfunction, please use our site to find a BHRT provider in your area and begin your journey towards a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life today.

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