Low testosterone treatment

Common Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

While the stereotypes around testosterone include things like manliness, aggression, confidence, and more, in reality, testosterone is an essential part of male health. Testosterone is vital for sexual wellness, hair growth, libido, bone growth, muscle growth, and bone strength1. Let’s explore some common signs of low testosterone in men and low testosterone treatment.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Hormones affect the body in various ways. It can be difficult to determine if low testosterone is affecting the body, but here are some common signs.

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is directly linked with sex drive and libido. While it is natural to experience sex drive decreases as we age, having low testosterone can make this decrease more drastic.

Erectile Dysfunction

Similar to libido, low testosterone can also cause erectile dysfunction. Testosterone assists the body in developing and maintaining an erection2. That being said, you can also experience erectile dysfunction from a wide range of other conditions.

Decreased Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a key role in muscle development and growth3. Men with low testosterone are more likely to struggle to maintain muscle mass and are more likely to see a reduction in muscle growth.


Gynecomastia is an increased production and growth of glandular tissue of the breasts. This leads to permanent enlargement of the breasts for men. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance and is often caused by low testosterone. Gynecomastia is common in puberty and in infants. However, gynecomastia often goes away in cases of puberty or for young children. That being said, gynecomastia is usually permanent for adults and requires surgical removal of glandular tissue to fix.

Low Testosterone Treatment

As seen by the different signs above, low testosterone can be detrimental to the body. That’s why treatments like BHRT from Pellecome exist to help treat hormonal imbalances. BHRT stands for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Pellecome is a leader in simple, effective, and innovative BHRT options. BHRT can help supplement your body’s production of testosterone to alleviate low testosterone levels. If you’re struggling with low testosterone, then consider speaking to your healthcare provider about BHRT from Pellecome today. If you’re a healthcare professional interested in Pellecome’s line of BHRT, then contact our team at 888-773-9969 today.

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