Pellecome is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 28 ratings.

No more ups and downs like on the shots, easy and long lasting with consistent levels. Never going back to shots!
Chris M.
My workouts have hit a new level, great energy and improved mood!
Heather D.
No more hot flashes, sleeping well for the first time in a long time. Much more energy during the day, so glad I tried this!
Karyn K.
Hot flashes are gone! More energy and increased sex drive….I feel 20 years younger!
Carla W.
Less pain, quicker recovery and more consistent testosterone levels than with previous form of pelleting.
John M.
I was first impressed with Pellecome from their presentation at a conference in 2018. Having recently attended their training and certification in Rancho Mirage, they are undeniably the standard of excellence bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. SCIENCE. Clear presentation of scientific papers, protocols and extensive hands-on training well prepares providers to expand their wellness service menu. SUPPORT. Wow! You really matter to the Pellecome team. They remembered me after almost 2 years. Their entire team WORKS very hard to ensure you achieve your learning goals at their training. They managed a complicated issue for us, in addition to coordinating an excellent program this past weekend. Details of program was well considered: availability of material, logistics, food, everything. COLLEGIAL. Contributions from attendees’ experience and expertise was welcomed during training. POSITIVE! There is nothing like well-placed humor to diffuse tension of long days.
Mary W., APRN
… I truly believe that being part of this company will help bring health and wellness to many.
Dr. Yusuf M.
Fantastic seminar. I really learned a lot and enjoyed my time.
Dr. Walter B.

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