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Good Evening, I was just researching Hormones on Google to understand some things that my body is going through…I have been researching for almost two years now. Your Site gave more informed information than any other site or my Gynecologist… I cannot believe how many answers I finally received from your Site that no one else has…God Bless You in your continued abilities and your Prosperity in Life ..Your Company and Staff Member who posted your informative information deserve it! Appreciatively… And You Will Never Know How Much!
Laura H.
I had an interesting experience that made me so grateful to be part of the Pellecome family last evening that I wanted to share. A colleague had a pellet inserted by her GYN, however there was a new medical resident who placed the pellet and she ended up bleeding profusely after leaving the office. She went to urgent care after several hours of bleeding, however they would not see her as “they did not do the procedure”. She did not want to go to the ER. I ended up seeing her after hours in my office and managed to stop the bleeding with Epi, Drysol, and Dermabond and then had to administer fluids as she lost a considerable amount of blood. This experience made me even more grateful for the outstanding patient safe training that Dr. Jacome/Pellecome offers, but also the technology of the scalpel device (calibrated depth, etc). I am just so impressed and grateful and thought I should share! Needless to say she is now a new Pellecome HRT patient! This avoidable patient experience is why every provider should only be using Pellecome!!
Natacha Plotkin
I have completed the Pellecome [training] modules … The information was very thorough and I learned so much, I cannot wait to put it all into practice. Thank You.
Katarina Kronawitter, MLP-NP
Pellecome has been a wonderful company to work with from the start – my first training was in CA 1/2019 where I learned so much and got great hands on training. Dr. Jacome and his entire staff have been incredibly responsive to any needs or questions, providing incredible customer service for myself as a physician and for my office staff with ordering logistics. Pellecome does a great job providing current education and advancing protocols additionally with supplements and peptides. And they hands-down have the best device that makes such intuitive sense for easy pellet placement, getting patients best possible results! Such a great team of people to work with!
Dr. Kristy Van Kirk
Pellecome device makes pellet insertion safe and effective. Training seminars are comprehensive. Thank you Dr Jacome for helping me take better care of my patients.
Richard Rothenberg MD FACOG
Thank-you! I am so glad I am a Pellecome member so I can ask you [Dr. Jacome] for your advice.
Dr. Laura Markison
Just a note of thanks to you, Dr. Jacome and your staff for all your help and support as we introduce BHRT into our practice. Dr. Jacome’s willingness to respond to our calls and texts is very helpful. The training was very informative and the on-site training that followed was most valuable. The proprietary dosing based on the experience of over 30,000 patients is great especially in the early stages. The patented insertion system is a big differentiator.
Manny Penate
Wonderful experience in Atlanta with the Pellecome team of experts. I am ready to start using the Pellecome technology for hormone balancing with pellets.
Sharon B.
The Pellecome device greatly decreased the pain and inflammation that I had with the old way of putting these in. Testosterone levels are steady and I am up and running in half the time after pelleting when compared to the other method.
Jason C.
No more ups and downs like on the shots, easy and long lasting with consistent levels. Never going back to shots!
Chris M.

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