Hormone Optimization in Women

Hormone imbalance is a concern for women. No matter what your state in life, whether you are young or older, the balance of hormones is essential to your everyday living.

Our solution to hormone imbalance has been shown to be a better option for help in restoring sleep patterns1, improving your interest in sex and sexual arousal2, and maintaining bone density3.

The testosterone delivered by pellet BHRT also has been used to care for migraine headaches and menstrual symptoms, restore vigor, lessen feelings of depression and nervousness4, improve memory and focus4, and enhance overall sense of well-being. Also, hormonal deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, and natural therapy with estradiol and testosterone can help to re-grow hair5.

Hormone imbalance can really disrupt life. Bring back your body’s natural balance with pellet BHRT. Hormonal deficiency can cause major changes in your body and your quality of life. The results of re-establishing that balance can be life-changing. Call us today to get started and get your life back.

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