Enhancing Patient Care: Integrating BHRT Pellets into Your Practice

BHRT pellets can not only help fill in the gaps of the services your practice provides but also may aid in supplementing current services. Seamless implementation is possible with BHRT pellets to help you enhance patient care.

Find out more about BHRT pellets and other Pellecome products, what partnering with Pellecome entails, and what patient needs BHRT pellets and Pellecome products can help fulfill.

What Is BHRT?

Mimicking both the chemical and molecular structure of endogenous hormones, BHRT has demonstrated great efficacy in addressing conditions stemming from hormonal imbalances or issues1.

What Patient Needs Can Pellecome Help Address

BHRT pellets and other Pellecome products can help fulfill a variety of patient needs, some of which you may already address and some that can help further augment your practice to better serve those in your care.

Menopausal Symptoms

With approximately 85 percent of women2 reporting menopausal symptoms such as night flashes, mood instabilities, insomnia, vaginal atrophy, and more, there is a pressing need to improve their symptoms and provide effective patient care.

One study3 published in BMC Women’s Health found BHRT reduces emotional lability and irritability by 25 percent and reduces anxiety by 22 percent. The study also found reductions in night sweats and hot flashes.

Improve Bone Health

With over 44 million Americans4 suffering from low bone density, helping patients improve their bone health may fill an unmet need.

At Pellecome, we offer DHEA supplementation. DHEA has been shown to improve bone turnover and decrease osteoclast activity5.

Address Low Testosterone

Not only can testosterone levels decrease with age, but they can be hindered by medications and treatments such as chemotherapy, injury to the testes, or other medical conditions.

Hormone optimization through BHRT pellets can provide a bio-identical boost to endogenous testosterone levels, helping alleviate patient symptoms ranging from low libido to poor cognitive performance.

Partnering With Pellecome To Better Serve Your Patients

Becoming a Pellecome product provider helps address your patients’ needs. You receive helpful instructional material as well as access to Pellecome insertion devices that can help pellet insertion to minimize bruising and inflammation and potentially reduce procedure time.

BHRT pellets and Pellecome products can help you better serve your patients by deepening the services you already offer or growing what you can provide. You can learn more about what becoming a Pellecome provider means by clicking here.

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