BHRT Pellet Safety and Quality: Why Provider Selection Matters

Choosing the right person for a job often matters as much as the job itself. When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets offer a sustained release that could be more advantageous over alternatives such as oral medications, which may have fluctuations in hormone release.

Though the efficacy of BHRT in addressing and reducing hormone-related issues such as mood instability and menopausal symptoms such as night flashes has been studied1 and shown, not just anyone can administer a BHRT pellet.

Learn how choosing the right provider can help you receive proper BHRT administration, which can minimize negative outcomes and maximize positive ones.

What Is BHRT?

Bio-identical hormones are hormones created to mimic both the chemical and molecular structures of the hormones found in your body. Other hormonal therapies may utilize biosimilar hormones, which may differ in chemical or molecular structure from the hormones you can find in your body.

BHRT serves to address conditions and issues attributed to hormonal deficiencies by utilizing hormones that are exactly like the ones produced by your body. While hormone replacement therapies are not new forms of treatment, Pellecome offers BHRT in pellet form, helping provide sustained release for months.

Why Your Provider Matters

BHRT pellets require a small incision to be made beneath the skin in order for pellet insertion. As with all invasive procedures, there is a chance of infection or pellet extrusion2. This chance may increase with an improper provider who hasn’t had the opportunity to not only learn the educational material from Pellecome but may not have Pellecome’s insertion devices.

At Pellecome, we partner with your provider to bring you the best bio-identical hormone replacement therapy possible. We supply providers with educational materials such as new clinical trials and training materials and also allow them direct access to our medical director.

Find Your BHRT Pellet Provider With Pellecome

The helpful provider locator tool helps you find the nearest BHRT pellet provider. A proper provider can help you achieve better results, from reducing the amount of sedation required during the procedure to helping mitigate bruising, inflammation, and pain.

By choosing the proper provider, you ensure someone who is both capable and knowledgeable in BHRT pellet administration, increasing the benefits you could obtain from the replacement therapy due to the correct application.

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