10-Day Detox Kits (6 boxes/case)


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Metagenics Clear Change® 10 Day Program with UltraClear® RENEW

Form: Powder
Flavor: Berry

The Clear Change® 10-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW® is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities—providing energy and support for overall well-being. Many people benefit from completing a 10-day metabolic detoxification program two to three times a year.*

Metabolic detoxification is a natural bodily process that consists of 3 major detoxification pathways: Phase I (functionalization), Phase II (conjugation), and Phase III (antiporter activity). In this process, fat soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be excreted.

The 10-day program is ideal for anyone wanting to benefit from an occasional “Spring Cleaning” or somebody who eats a reasonably healthy diet, exercises regularly, and manages stress adequately. It is also ideal for individuals who scored <50 on the Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire.*

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